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MVPI Turbo YTH (left hand)

MVPI Turbo YTH (left hand)

Обычная цена $85.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $85.00
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Weight (gr)


Hand (Left or Right)



Green, Blue, Yellow

Length (inch)


The ultra light weight of our hockey stick has no competitors among children's hockey sticks. The optimal stick curve is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. The balance of softness of the upper part of the body of hockey stick, passing to the bottom in a more rigid form, provides a powerful accurate puck shot. A matte anti-slip coating and a thinner stick handle compared to junior and adult sticks make it much more easy and convenient for a young hockey player to hold a stick in his hand. The 18-carat TORAYCA fiber is created specially for the manufacture of our lightweight and durable hockey sticks. It is possible to apply the logo of your team under the griped coating. Did you know that you should not shorten your hockey stick? If you do it you should understand that your hockey stick will be more rigid, because this leads to an increase in flex. That is why then you buy an unsuitable hockey stick and short it by 2-3 inches, you get a stick 10 flex more. And your child has to play with a stick that does not correspond to his height and weight at all! Choose only the best, proven quality combined with the latest innovative achievements for your junior champion.

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