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MVPI BREEZE 2.0 SR (right hand)

MVPI BREEZE 2.0 SR (right hand)

Обычная цена $167.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $167.00
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The new model of the Breeze stick, like its adult predecessor, retains the mid kick point. The mid kick point is considered universal. The soft central zone and the hard one are most effective for wrist throws and medium-swing clicks, since they provide long-term tension, forcing the club to bend longer and then shoot with more force. As a result of the use of modern Balance Sabre ® technology, MVPI clubs are perfectly balanced. The stick is based on unidirectional reinforced fiber, followed by the application of transverse and longitudinal fiber layers impregnated with high-temperature epoxy resin.
The blade is reinforced with ultralight foam at the attachment point and from thr heel to toe. Optimized mid kick point for the sharpest and most accurate throws from different distances and acceleration of the unloading of the stick.

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