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MVPI GS100 Sr(left hand)

MVPI GS100 Sr(left hand)

Обычная цена $186.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $186.00
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Weight (gr)


Hand (Left or Right)



Green, Yellow, Blue

Length (inch)


The reinforced shaft of the stick makes it durable and reliable, and the thinnest connection of 24-carat carbon fiber makes it light. The special fiber layering technology prolongs the service life of the putter. The flat front side and the light blade core create the perfect balance of the stick, without the typical preponderance towards the blade. The rounded edges of the shaft allow your goalie to comfortably hold the stick in his hand. The anti-slip coating prevents the stick from turning, at the same time allowing the hand to slide freely up and down the shaft. The blade is reinforced with shock-absorbing foam to reduce vibration.

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