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MVPI Classic 2.0 JR (right hand)

MVPI Classic 2.0 JR (right hand)

Обычная цена $125.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $125.00
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Flex/ Length

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Hand (Left or Right)



Green, Yellow, Blue

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The new version of classic model of MVPI stick is made with a low kick point. We focused on stability, good speed and universality of shots while we developed our MVPI Classic sticks. The low kick point is optimal for powerful wrist shot. This stick with a low kick point is designed for players who prefer to make quick shots and goal attacks near or from half of the zone.
Modern technologies of connecting the blade and the handle of the stick make it incredibly balanced and accurate, responsive to the punches of the player, with maximum energy transfer like monolithic structures. The rounded geometry of the pipe allows you to control the stick as confidently as possible on the ice field. The core of the blade is reinforced with longitudinal stiffeners and light foam, which makes the pen rigid and durable.

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