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MVPI CLASSIC SR (right hand)

MVPI CLASSIC SR (right hand)

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MVPI sticks are perfectly balanced through our use of modern Balance Sabre ® technology. The stick is based on unidirectional reinforced fiber with subsequent application of transverse and longitudinal fiber layers impregnated with high-temperature epoxy resin.
The blade is reinforced with ultralight foam at the attachment point and from the heel to the toe. During the development of MVPI stick with a hybrid kick point, we focused on stability, good speed and versatility of throws.
The hybrid kick point is a unique solution for a sharp and powerful shot. This is made possible by the hardest zone located between the two softer ones in the upper and lower parts of the stick. In this case, the pipe of the stick will bend exactly at the point to which the leading hand of the player is attached. Such a constructive solution makes both maneuverable play in a high-traffic zone and long-range clicking equally easy.

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