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MVPI NEO LIGHT SR (left hand)

MVPI NEO LIGHT SR (left hand)

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MVPI sticks are perfectly balanced as a result of the use of modern Balance Sabre® technology. The stick is based on unidirectional reinforced fiber with subsequent application of transverse and longitudinal fiber layers impregnated with high-temperature epoxy resin.
The blade is reinforced with ultralight foam at the attachment point and from the heel to the toe. Optimized low kick point for players who prefer to make fast and accurate shots and goal attacks near or from half of the zone. The maximum tight connection of layers of 24-carat TORAYCATM fiber guarantees the quality and durability of an adult MVPI stick. This stick has all curves. Gripped handle cover for better grip with the player's hand. The rigid blade is reinforced with foam at the attachment point, as well as from the heel to the toe. The geometry of the stick maximally dampens the shock absorption from contact with the puck and allows you to unload the stick very quickly, making accurate passes at any distance.

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