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MVPI Connection INT (left hand)

MVPI Connection INT (left hand)

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Weight (gr)


Hand (Left or Right)




Length (inch)

62", 65"

The stick MVPI is made of premium carbon fiber with a density of 18K by cross-weaving, which makes the bkade rigid and durable. The handle of the stick is covered with an anti-slip agent. The kick point is located in its middle part, that makes the shot as strong as possible, allowing you to control and keep the puck in the zone of intense play. Ergonomic shape of the pipe, reinforced with an additional stiffener at the level of the player's hands helps to realize a sharp shot more effectively. And the low weight of the stick contributes to the rapid transfer of energy and accelerates the unloading of the stick. The shaft of the stick has a pentagonal shape. An fifth rib additional on the stick is located on the side the player's palm.
This geometry of the pipe makes this stick as resistant to kinks and twisting as possible. By the of end of the stick the edge is smoothed, so if you need to increase the stick, there will be no problems with this. The stick is available in light weight (345 g).

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